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Virtually Not There

Working from a set address these days for some business owners and professionals is a thing of the past. Whether you are a travelling sales person, a mobile beauty therapist or you offer your services or products online, advertising a home based business address on the web or your business card can be, at times, problematic.

As a mobile business person, you certainly would not want someone showing up at your house expecting to do business with you, and there’s no-one there to greet them. Or whenever you got home from your business trips your letterbox is full of urgent documents, important customer enquiries or cheques waiting to be banked. Poor or untimely communication can cause you to lose work or upset your customers. This is not only unprofessional and unproductive, it can be extremely frustrating.

Saskia, like many other solopreneurs is responsible for doing everything in her business including customer service and supplier management. Whilst she was on the road, she was not seeing the correspondence that was being mailed to her home address. Therefore, many hours were spent sorting through a pile of paperwork on her return home, which seriously compromised her ability to manage her time effectively.

Saskia knew that she had ample spare time, whilst travelling, that could be put to better use if only she could receive her correspondence in a timelier manner. Add to that, she was also wary of revealing her home address on her business cards or online, however she realised that a physical address was required in order to give her business credibility and a professional edge.

Whilst Saskia was chatting to a colleague on the road he mentioned how he had overcome a similar problem by engaging the services of a Virtual Office Address. He now used a Brisbane office address instead of his regional PO Box on all his business cards and online listings. Whilst he was away building his business, visiting his clients and travelling, all his mail was scanned and emailed directly to him, even his monthly commission cheques were banked on his behalf

Saskia realised that a Virtual Office Address service might be the answer to her dilemma: she could keep on top of her incoming correspondence and eliminate the security issues she had with publicising her home address. The added benefits of this service meant that Saskia’s days of returning home to a mountain of correspondence were over and her time at home could now be better spent, either relaxing or working on her business.

There are a variety of Virtual Office plans to help business owners overcome challenges existing in today’s entrepreneurial market, such as time management, security and privacy.

If this post has got you thinking that a Virtual Office Address might be the answer for your business, you can find out more here.

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