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Virtual Practice Management by Sohovian

Still answering your own calls and managing your own diary?

Are admin tasks taking up too much time?

Does the thought of employing admin staff make your head explode?

Have you tried outsourcing, only to have clients complain about the uncaring attitude of your reception team?

Virtual Practice Management | Sohovian

Service Overview

Virtual Practice Management | Sohovian


  • Manage your diary
  • Answer and make calls
  • Schedule appointments
  • Monitor confirmations
  • Communicate with your clients via email, sms or phone


  • Monitor referrals and service agreements to ensure timely reviews
  • Follow up with referrers to ensure your paperwork is complete
  • Manage document retention and security
  • And more ...
Virtual Practice Management | Sohovian
Virtual Practice Management | Sohovian


  • Process payments
  • Reconcile your bank payments with invoices in Power Diary
  • Follow up outstanding invoices
  • Prepare contractor billing reports
  • Enter bills and invoices into Xero

Who we help

Virtual Practice Management | Virtual Practice Managers | Sohovian
Sole Practitioners

Forget having to return calls from garbled voicemails, in between your appointments! Focus on doing what you do best and we'll look after the rest.

Virtual Practice Management | Virtual Practice Managers | Sohovian
Home based or virtual practices

Now you can have a fully virtual business. Your practice will run more smoothly because you've got a professional, virtual practice management team.

Virtual Practice Management | Virtual Practice Managers | Sohovian
Small teams of practitioners

Multiple practitioners and multiple sites? No sweat. Contractor payments getting on top of you? We've got that covered too. 

The numbers speak for themselves

Virtual Practice Management | Sohovian

When you look at the costs to employ staff, you know it makes sense. Here's a couple of examples, based on the minimum wage rate* you'd need to be paying.  And you're still worrying about covering lunch breaks, sick leave, and annual leave.  

Note: you'd probably be paying much more than the wages we've quoted here because good people can command good money.

Very small practice employing one part-time person for 15 hours per week (3 hours per day)

Weekly wages and super**:     $410.75


Sohovian average weekly cost***:     $176.92

Larger practice with 1 full-time office manager and part-time assistant for 30 hours per week

Weekly wages and super**:     $1951.59

Sohovian average weekly cost***:    $1,056.15

* adult minimum full-time wage of $22.67/hour for part-time and $28.58/hour for manager (2022/2023 rates)

** Does not include WorkCover, equipment costs, office rent, leave cover

*** including GST

Virtual Practice Management | Sohovian

Fill your diary with clients, not admin tasks

The best practice in the world is the practice you love running. Administration is the bane of many a psychologist's life. Endless form-filling, filing, report writing can be a drain on your mental bandwidth. Did you know that most of that work can be automated and managed by someone else?

We've helped many psychologists to streamline their practice administration by setting up automated forms for intake and consent.

We've also created templates for review letters and reports. You add the appropriate content and we make sure the letter or report is delivered to the right person. 

Virtual Practice Management | Sohovian

Give up answering your phone

We all know that your phone line is the lifeblood of your business. Whilst some clients like to keep everything on email and book appointments that way, most psychology clients prefer to pick up the phone and speak to a real person. That real person should not be YOU! 

The last thing you need is to be tied to your phone between consults. It's inefficient and it's a false economy. Your time is worth money. 

Virtual Practice Management | Sohovian

Rest easy, knowing your practice is compliant

The volume of paperwork that you must collect and track can be overwhelming.  It's sometimes difficult to maintain the discipline necessary to ensure your practice is compliant. 

Your calendar needs to be full every week, but you're also risking failing an audit if you don't stay on top of your documentation requirements.

Real Success Stories

I've worked with Sohovian since starting my practice in 2015.

They have recently taken over full practice management and it is a godsend. I no longer spend my evenings and weekends muddling through administrative paperwork and accounts.

It now pains me to think of the opportunities for our practice that I've missed taking because I was so overwhelmed. 

My accountant loves the work Sohovian does too, because it makes their job so much easier.

The thing I love the most is that the team are 'trauma informed'. I regularly get feedback from clients that the Sohovian receptionists are patient, caring and helpful. 


Psychologist - Tas

Mary Krishnan

Chat with our team

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Customer Care | Sohovian

About Our service

What is a virtual practice manager?

Let's start with what a practice manager does:

A practice manager will manage the office staff and perform human resources duties, such as hiring and training new staff members. In addition, they handle client records, billing and ordering equipment and supplies, and they develop and implement strategies to improve the practice's efficiency.

A virtual practice manager is a practice manager working remotely. They manage the practice without being on site at the practice. 

What if I just want calls answered?

We can do that. We tailor your package to your needs. Many of our clients have retained responsibility for their own practice management, because they are happy to do that. So if you just need someone to answer calls, manage appointments and provide information about your practice, then we are happy to do that for you.

Will you work with other systems besides Power Diary?

Yes, we can, and we do. Power Diary is our preferred system, but we work with many other systems including:

  • Cliniko
  • Nookal
  • Google Calendar
  • Halaxy
  • Coreplus

... just to name a few.

Virtual Customer Care | Sohovian

About Our contracts

What is the minimum term?

At Sohovian, we don't believe in tying our clients down to long-term contracts. We offer "rolling" contracts. Depending on the size of your account, we do have a minimum term of either 30 or 60 days. This means that there's no need to worry about being locked in for longer than you need us.

Are there other conditions I should be aware of?

There are a couple of things you should know:
Security Bond: At Sohovian, we require a security bond as part of our agreement with clients. The amount of the security bond is based on the size of your account and is fully refundable at the end of the contract period, assuming everything is in order and there are no issues at the end of your contract. This is just one of the ways we ensure a smooth and successful partnership with our clients.
Early Termination Fee: If you terminate your contract without giving us the required notice (either 30 or 60 days), we will charge you a fee that is equal to the bond you’ve paid.
Pricing reviews: We review our prices on a regular basis. You will always receive at least 30 or 60 days (depending on the size of your account) notice of any changes to your pricing arrangements.
Zero tolerance for abuse:
Our team has been trained to work with difficult callers. However, there are times when a caller may become extremely difficult and abusive. We don't tolerate any form of harassment, intimidation, or bullying, so we’ll terminate calls and conversations where this happens. We’ll always give you a heads-up when it happens though.

What do my charges include?

  • Dedicated telephone number for your business
  • Full-time, practice management team 8:30am to 5:00pm (AEST/AEDT) Monday to Friday Note: Excluding National Public Holidays
  • All the tasks necessary to ensure your practice runs smoothly
  • What are some of the additional charges I can expect?

    • Call costs for transferred calls
    • Faxes that we may receive or send on your behalf
    • Printing, mail-out costs etc
    Virtual Customer Care | Sohovian

    Getting Started

    What's the process for getting started?

    1. The first step is book a call with our team. We'll spend 30 minutes listening and brainstorming ways to help you. 
    2. We'll then send you a full proposal, outlining the service and the costs.
    3. On accepting our proposal, you'll be asked a lot of questions about your practice, including your fees, your policies and your hours etc.
    4. Our system will then work its magic and we can having you setup and ready to go within 2 working days (even less if its a simple setup).

    Can I use my existing number or do I have to use yours?

    Yes, you certainly can use your own number. When you sign up with us, we will give you an indial number in our phone system that is dedicated to your practice, while you are our client. You then redirect your phone number to our indial.
    If you have a landline and you’re currently able to redirect calls to your mobile, then in all likelihood you can redirect calls to our number.

    Do you outsource your service?

    No we do not. We pride ourselves on being local, so we won't outsource your calls to any other service. We also use an Australian-based telco, so all our telecommunications are on-shore as well.

    • Suite 9, 23 Middle Street, Cleveland, Qld, 4163, Australia
    • 07 3401 9777

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