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Virtual Office Address FAQs

What is a Virtual Office Address?

To put it simply, a Virtual Office Address is a business address you can use when you don't have a business address. Virtual office address services are offered by many different types of businesses, predominantly by serviced office operators as an important part of their business.

Who uses a virtual office address then?

Virtual Office Addresses are used by many different types of businesses:
  • Home based businesses who wish to maintain the privacy of their home address
  • Businesses with owners who are geographically remote from the area that their businesses service
  • Businesses whose owners are mobile or who travel a lot
  • Large businesses who want to be seen to have a physical presence in multiple areas

How does this work?

When you sign up for a virtual office address, we will send you an email that authorises you to use our office address as your business address. You can then use our address on your stationery, business cards and/or your website. That authorisation will remain in place while your account remains active and paid up to date.

Do you have a mail collection service?

We collect all mail from our PO Boxes every day. This service is included in your virtual office address package. Forwarding costs are also included in your package, for items up to C5 size. The postage for larger items will be charged at cost plus GST.

How many business names can I have on the same account?

We allow a maximum of 5 business names per Sohovian address, per bill. So if you are using both of our addresses, you can have up to 10 separate business names on the one account/bill.

How many separate business/legal entities can I have on one bill?

We will issue 1 bill per ABN per month. You can have multiple business entities on one bill, however the bill will only specify one ABN for GST purposes. If you want us to provide separate bills, you will need to setup separate accounts. Our packages apply to a single bill only and cannot be split over multiple billing entities.

Can I use my Virtual Office Address as my ASIC Registered Office Address?

Yes you can. But if you just want the ASIC Registered Office Address, we have a separate package for just $156 per year. Definitely affordable. Note however, that you won't be able to use our address for any other purpose, if you are only subscribing to our Registered Office Address. If you want an address to go on your letterhead or on your website, then you'll need our Virtual Office Address package to do that.

I'm taking up a serviced office at one of your centres, do I still have to pay separately for my general office address or my ASIC address?

No. Our serviced office clients can legitimately use our address for all of their business needs. Further details can be found in our Terms & Conditions.

Virtual Office Address Brisbane

Choose from one of our packages below and get yourself a legitimate business address. Sign up takes just a few minutes.

Pay each year

2 months FREE!!

  • Use of our address for marketing etc
  • Use of our PO Box
  • Mail forwarding included*
  • Up to 5 business/trading names
  • Boardrooms at meeting room rates
  • ASIC Registered Office for your company^

$650 / year

Pay each month

  • Use of our address for marketing etc
  • Use of our PO Box
  • Mail forwarding included*
  • Up to 5 business/trading names
  • Boardrooms at meeting room rates
  • ASIC Registered Office for your company^

$65 / month

ASIC Registered Office Address

  • One easy annual payment
  • Use of our address for your company's ASIC registration^
  • Mail forwarding included^^
  • Use of our addresses for marketing etc 
  • Use of our PO Boxes for other mail
  • Boardrooms at meeting room rate

$156 / year

These prices include GST

^ One company name & ACN only

^^ASIC originating mail only and up to C5 only with larger items charged at cost. Mail from all other senders will be returned to the sender.

* Up to C5 size - larger items will be charged at cost

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