May 26

Selecting the right customer care team for your business

Many businesses prioritise price when it comes to selecting the right customer care team for your business. However, partnering with the cheapest provider can negatively affect your business. Let's explore why a cheap service provider may not be suitable for your business and discuss the potential risks and hidden costs involved.

The hidden risks of cheap service providers

Lower quality service

It's highly likely that any cheap virtual customer care team will be struggling to make ends meet, leading them to take on more clients or work longer hours. This overwork can result in burnout, which often manifests in a decline in the quality of their services. Clients may experience longer response times, unresolved issues, and unsatisfied customers.

Decreased reliability

When a customer care team is stretched thin due to an excessive workload, they may miss deadlines and/or fail to respond to client enquiries promptly. This lack of reliability will disrupt your operations, causing customer dissatisfaction and damaging your reputation.

Increased staff turnover

Cheap service providers may also be undervaluing, and therefore underpaying, their team. This will lead to higher staff turnover and their service delivery will continuously suffer due to the inexperience of their team. 

Limited availability

An undercharging customer care team may eventually realise their financial strain and decide to increase their rates or find higher-paying clients. In extreme cases, a provider may even shut down, leading to significant setbacks as you scramble to find a replacement.

Hindered growth

Clients who partner with service providers that are undercharging may find that the provider's limited resources for skill development and professional growth impact their ability to provide more advanced or specialised services. This can stifle your growth, as you will need to look elsewhere for more specialised support.

Unanticipated additional costs

Clients who work with undercharging customer care teams may find themselves paying for additional services to rectify issues or make up for shortcomings in the provider's work. These unanticipated costs will soon offset any perceived savings from the provider's lower rates.

Selecting the right virtual customer care team

To avoid the hidden costs associated with an undercharging virtual customer care team, you should consider the following when selecting a provider:

Value over price

Rather than focusing solely on finding the lowest rates, you should prioritise the value that a customer care team can bring to your business. A team with a proven track record of delivering quality work, and who charges what they're worth, may ultimately save you both money and frustration in the long run.

Relevant skills and experience

You should look for a customer care team with the skills and experience relevant to your needs. Teams specialising in a particular industry or service are more likely to deliver high-quality work tailored to your requirements.

Clear communication

Open and transparent communication is essential for a successful working relationship. Clients should choose customer care teams who communicate effectively, set realistic expectations, and keep them informed throughout the process.

Testimonials and references

A customer care team's testimonials and references can provide valuable insight into their work quality and reliability. Be sure to ask for and review these resources before making your decision.

While it may be tempting to select a customer care team based on the lowest rates, an undercharging provider can bring hidden costs and risks to your business. You can find the right team to support your business and foster a mutually beneficial partnership by focusing on value, relevant skills, clear communication, and positive testimonials.

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