Draw the line in the sand with a Toowong serviced office

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Draw the line in the sand with a Toowong serviced office

I was speaking with one of our clients at our Toowong serviced office centre in Brisbane. She is a busy professional, with a large family and the attendant frantic lifestyle. Her business is flourishing and she’s always on the go.

I asked her what it was that drew her to our offices. She said she loves the proximity to her home, the 24 hour access and the ability to separate her home life from her business life. She was originally working from home and found that it was difficult to get her family to take her business seriously because she was so accessible. For her, moving to a professional office provided the psychological “line in the sand” that was necessary for her to be able to grow her business.

A number of clients have told me that they have chosen a serviced office over a home office for this exact reason. Their family or their clients did not take them or their business seriously until they moved into a professional office.

By the same token, others moved to a serviced office for their own sanity. A home office was for them, too accessible. They found their home office was a constant reminder of work and they realised that they were not happy that they were spending so much time working. Those clients needed to have a place to go and a timeframe in which to work so that they could draw their line in the sand, for their own peace of mind.

It’s interesting how there can be two different perspectives on the one situation. And I’m sure there are many others, all equally legitimate and true for each individual. I like that we can offer flexibility to accommodate these many perspectives.

If you are interested in drawing your own line in the sand, be it for an office address, a part-time office, a shared office space or a fully fledged serviced office, don’t hesitate to contact the Sohovian team on 07 3401 9777 to discuss the options available to you.

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