Getting physical with the Virtual Office

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Getting physical with the Virtual Office

It’s been a hectic few months. Suffice it to say that circumstances have led me back to working in our Toowong office for a time. This is not a bad thing, by any stretch of the imagination. We’ve gained quite a few new clients in recent times and I’m getting the chance to know them.  And that is a good thing.

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It’s interesting to see the different businesses that have chosen to use a serviced office. It’s a real mixture. We’ve got a couple of startups and a couple of satellite offices (larger businesses who need a satellite base in another suburb or city). Some solopreneurs have rounded out the mix. We have targeted clients who are looking for affordable office space. They are not fussed on paying higher prices for expensive fitouts. Their focus is on their work and their clients. I love that about our clients. They’re a real down-to-earth bunch of people.

Yes, I’m missing my little home office and I know that my family (hubby and our furry children) are missing me. But the opportunity to reconnect with my clients has been awesome.

There’s also been the opportunity to assess the systems and processes that we have in place in our offices. Having a trusted, competent staff member leave is a bit of a wakeup call for any business owner. Our former Toowong team member is a superstar and I’ve found that I’d come to rely on her natural ability to understand processes and learn new systems very quickly. People like her make people like me lazy! But seriously, her departure has driven home to me that our learning systems need to be kept up to date. There’s no rest for the wicked!

The control freak in me loves being able to actually do some of the tasks for which I’ve created systems. And then I’ve improved those systems. The systems we have in place for our Virtual Office clients are getting a bit of a revamp. The systems for our Virtual Mail Delivery clients are also being enhanced and improved.

If you’re thinking about improving your business by outsourcing some tasks, talk to me or the Sohovian team. Call us on 07 3401 9777 or check out the services we offer.

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