January 9

Get organised with a call overflow service

Does this sound familiar?

Clare is one business owner who prides herself on being available to her clients, ready to assist whenever they need her. Her clients love her and she spends a lot of time working one-on-one with them. Her attention to detail and her responsiveness have made her business very successful.businesswoman on the phone, holding daughter

She had initially been looking forward to time away to recharge and relax over the Christmas/New Year break after a hectic year. Sadly her dream of lazing by the pool, with a cocktail in hand, became somewhat of a nightmare. Her ‘lazy’ days were punctuated with quick trips into her home office, or any quiet space away from the sounds of the family enjoying their holiday time, to make calls and compose emails.

Clare realised that for things to change, she had to change something. She arranged to setup a call overflow service. It works the same way as any other Virtual Receptionist service. Clare simply diverts her calls to a dedicated number when she’s busy or on the phone. She receives her messages via an email to her phone, twice a day – just on lunchtime and then at the end of the day. She’s provided the criteria for what constitutes an urgent call and these are advised to her via an SMS to her phone.

In order to better manage her time, her Virtual Receptionist service set up an online calendar for Clare and they now book appointments into that calendar for her. Clare also books her own appointments into the calendar, so her receptionist can see if she’s busy or available at any particular time.

Clare has the option to update her receptionist on the status of particular enquiries and the receptionist will contact the client to advise them. Clare has found this useful when she’s busy and she’s concerned the call could take some time due to the ‘chatty’ nature of her client.

The service has provided Clare with a much needed ‘circuit breaker’.  She’s even planning a proper holiday during the next school holidays, knowing that her clients’ needs will be well-managed whilst she’s away.

The team at Sohovian would be happy to discuss how we can give you back your time (and possibly your sanity!!) with a call overflow or full-time Virtual Receptionist service.  Call us on 07 3401 9777 to arrange an obligation free chat to discuss your requirements.

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