Get a life!

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Get a life!

One of our clients recently told me a story:

It was 7pm on a Sunday night and she was settling in for the evening. Already in her slippers and PJs, she had her cuppa in her hand as she answered the door. Lo and behold, there stood a guy with all his paperwork at the ready, asking her to help him with his taxes. He’d found her on the internet and seeing that she was local, he thought he could swing by now because he works all week and couldn’t possibly get there any other time. Plus, it only takes him a couple of hours to do his own e-tax return, so he figured she could do it a bit quicker than him.

Now some people might see this as a good problem to have: clients turning up, ready to hand over their money to get you to do work for them. However, my client values her ‘me-time’ – especially on a Sunday night because she too, believe it or not, has to work all week. In short, our client prioritises ‘having a life’ over being ‘open all hours’.

For any business that is run from home, there is always the risk that a client will turn up on your doorstep at odd hours. But for a business that uses a professional address with defined and regular opening hours, 7pm on a Sunday night can remain sacrosanct.

Our virtual office address packages range from a simple ASIC Registered Office address to our Premium package offering reduced Boardroom hire rates and full mail service.

Check them out on our Addresses page.

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