Flexible Workspaces: 7 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Ditch The Commercial Lease

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Flexible Workspaces: 7 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Ditch The Commercial Lease

As the true scope of the pandemic came into focus, businesses were forced to adapt their workplace models very quickly. Many emptied out their offices and sent their workers home. With their expensive CBD office space now vacant, businesses fought with traditional landlords, who were also taken by surprise and unable to adapt quickly. Now the world is moving in the opposite direction, with states reopening in a careful and controlled manner. Public health experts are trying to find the best balance between economic recovery and personal safety. But the way the world works will never be the same again, and there is no going back to the old normal. So, what will the new normal look like? And why might it include the widespread abandonment of the commercial lease and a gradual transition to flexible workspaces?

Flexible workspaces are killing the cube farms

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 Here are seven reasons why coworking/private office spaces like Sohovian could become the norm in a post-COVID business world.

  1. Adaptability
    A coworking space offers the ultimate in flexibility for small businesses. The coworking centres give businesses the ability to quickly adapt their space requirements in response to changing business conditions.
  2. Simple contracts
    Small businesses can rent private office spaces month-to-month or save more with short-term contracts. This makes coworking a great solution for everyone, no matter how low their budget.
  3. Smaller security bonds
    There's also no need for large security bonds, which means more working capital for a small business. Commercial leases usually require 3 months rent in advance. Like most flexible workspaces, we only ask for 1 month office charges in advance.
  4. Private spaces 
    Unlike crowded cubicle farms and chaotic home offices, coworking private offices are custom-made for privacy and social distancing. Whether you need to conduct confidential negotiations or just need some quiet headspace, coworking could be the perfect solution for you and your business.
  5. No reusable cups and dishware
    When you say hello to a private office space, you can say goodbye to dirty dishes piling up. Instead, Sohovian coworking spaces provide single use, compostable cups. There are kitchen facilities available for you to wash your own dishware and cutlery, helping you and your team to stay safe.
  6. Addresses the need for daily social interaction
    We humans are social creatures, with a deep need to connect with others of our kind. If you have been feeling lonely during the shutdown, you are not alone. Embracing the coworking model for your small business gives everyone the ability to remain sociable without taking any undue risks with their health.
  7. Close to home
    Many smaller flexible workspaces are situated in the suburbs. Moving some of your team into a local space that is close to home will reduce their need for a long commute each day to the city and back. 

The world of work has changed dramatically as a direct consequence of the pandemic, and it already appears that many of those changes are permanent. Even as vaccines are released and billions of individual doses are handed out, many employees will resist returning to their impersonal and crowded cubicles.

At the same time, the shine may have already worn off the telecommuting trophy, as workers struggle to balance the needs of their jobs and their families. In light of these difficult circumstances, a third way is sorely needed, one that keeps workers safe and establishes social distancing while also giving freelancers and small business owners the flexibility and productivity to get things done. That third way seems to be coworking, a growing trend to watch out for as the current crisis comes to an end and the world starts to slowly open up.

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