Domestic Dynamite

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Domestic Dynamite

Whilst being your own boss and working from home is an ideal for many of today’s entrepreneurs, it can also cause a few problems. Unnecessary interruptions and a lack of an office to meet clients can present you with a multitude of challenges. Although your work may be exemplary, your working space may not and this won’t sit well with your clients.

After years of working in the city for an accounting firm, Maria and her husband decided to move out of the metropolis for a less stressful lifestyle. She aimed to set up her own accounting practice, working from home whilst fulfilling her dream of writing a book. No more commuting, long days at the office or expensive lunches at inner city eateries. She could now be her own boss and work to her own schedule with her own chosen hours. The convenience seemed perfect!

Whilst their new home was being built, Maria and her husband moved in with her parents. Although her parents’ house was large and Maria had a room set up for an office, her Mother’s constant interruptions with ‘come join me for a cup of tea and a sandwich’ or ‘have a break, Aunty Muriel is here and wants to see you’ were driving her insane!

Add to that, her Father’s daily obsession with either mowing the lawn or giving the driveway a wash with the noisy ‘Gerni’ was definitely a problem she didn’t need. With so many frustrations building, Maria’s domestic bliss was morphing into domestic dynamite!

She realised that a professional office space would be necessary so she could meet her clients without any interruptions and distractions. However, as she was only operating the business part-time, the expense of renting and furnishing an office along with utilities would consume any profit.

The local council offered co-working spaces for small businesses which at first seemed ideal. The price was right and the opportunity to interact with other business owners was very tempting. The open plan set up, however, was just too noisy and her clients would definitely object to having their private conversations, about their finances, overheard. A different solution had to be found.

Maria researched casual office hires and found a local company that supplied fully furnished, private offices with internet access, telephone lines for outgoing calls and a receptionist to meet and greet her clients. The rental hours were totally flexible and fit well within her budget. When business stepped up at the end of financial year she increased her hours to suit the extra workload. And all without the hassles of long term commercial leases and the massive costs they entail.

Maria enjoys it so much that she continues to use the office even though her new home is complete.  She says that it has given her new life a perfect balance. Her office is the place where she can focus on her clients and her business. Maria now chooses to relax at home. As a result, her book is nearly finished and a cup of tea with Mum is once again a treat.

If you feel the need for a quiet and private space for your business away from the distractions of domestic bliss, even if only for a few hours a month, the Sohovian team will be happy to have a chat with you and discuss the options that are available.

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