3 reasons to ditch the home office

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3 reasons to ditch the home office

One of the best parts about being your own boss is being able to work in the comfort of your home. It’s a perk that makes most people with a regular job green with envy.

Or is it?

Working from home from is comfortable but it comes with an endless number of distractions from your kids.#getanoffice

You have to deal with the kids when they’ve gotten back from school and even if you’ve set strong boundaries on privacy and silence, you know the kids end up breaking them. Before you even realise it, the freedom you thought you gained by working at home quickly turns into an increased and more difficult work load.

If that describes your situation, then it’s time to consider a serviced office location that’s close to home. You may have already bought into the fact that the big benefit of being your own boss was the ability to work in the comfort of your home, but here are three reasons why you should ditch the home office.

1. Your office can be within reach of your home and children while giving you the space you need

By finding a serviced office near your home, you can still take care of your family while having clear workplace boundaries. You can quickly and easily pick up and drop off your children from school and day care. You can meet all your family and work responsibilities while being able to avoid the distractions from the kids at home.

The great thing about serviced offices is that they offer 24 hour accessibility. That means that you can transition from working at home to the serviced office if you know you’re going to have certain out of town visitors to visit the kids. It also means that you can quickly head in to the office if you need to meet an important deadline (even if it’s 12 midnight).

2. You get access to experienced staff

Another big benefit of renting a serviced office is getting the benefits of having access to staff to support you. You’ll have an office receptionist who can collect your mail, accept deliveries and greet your visitors, even when you’re not in the office.

You won’t have to worry about managing and maintaining the office either. The building will have janitorial staff to keep the premises clean and an after hours security system for added safety. The little things, like making sure there is fresh milk and kitchen supplies available at all times, are taken care of by the serviced office manager. Gone are the days of fighting over whose turn it is to do the washing up! Fortunately, all of this is included in the monthly cost of renting the serviced office.

For an extra fee, you can arrange a telephone reception service as well, where a team of receptionists will answer your calls, transfer them to you or take a message. This frees up your time so that you can focus on your work while adding much needed convenience. So, even on those days where it’s your turn to do the school run, your business will be humming along without you.

3. You get the benefits of networking with other business owners

One of the biggest pitfalls of working at home is the fact that you isolate yourself from other people. While you may talk to people on the phone, you don’t get the chance to meet like-minded business owners unless you go out of your way to go to a networking event. The fact that there are so many other business owners in serviced office centres allows for many networking opportunities, many more than you’ll get at the school gate.

You may meet somebody that can become a new business partner or affiliate. You may come across somebody that is in the same industry as you and can give you valuable advice to take your business to the next level.

Serviced offices are the perfect solution for small business owners that currently work from home but find themselves constantly being inundated by distractions from their kids. Finding a location close to your home means that you can still be there for your family while having the space to be productive. The added perks and benefits of serviced offices also make it a smart choice as it adds a much needed convenience and frees up your time to focus on your work.

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